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Tourism and Leisure

Welcome to our Guest Hotel

Located near the Gulf of Morbihan, Carnac, La Trinité sur Mer and the Bay of Quiberon, the environment of our guest hotel offers a multitude of activities.

With its 8km of beaches and wild dunes, Erdeven offers you very pretty walks. Erdeven is 2500 hectares of protected coastline, landscapes to discover, fauna and flora to protect. It is the largest natural space on the Breton coast.

The site presents a varied set of echo systems (dunes, ponds, humid intradunal depressions, moors, meadows, etc.) Almost all types of Breton coastal environments can be found there.


The beaches of Erdeven

Kerhillio beachcan be reached in 7 minutes by bike thanks to a cycle path in front of the hotel. A very long beach of fine sand which offers a view of the almost island of Quiberon and Belle Ile en Mer. Certain areas are reserved for the practice of Kyte surfing and sand yachting.

Kerouriec beach, more rocky is ideal for disconnecting and trying your hand at fishing on foot.  

Kerminihy beach,extends to the mouth of the Etel River. Beware of the Etterbaa currents which are dangerous, swimming is prohibited on the right side.

Also don't miss the5 beaches of Carnac,   10 minutes from the hotel. Located in the Gulf, they are more sheltered from the wind and   offer a wide range of activities, 

Megalithic sites

The megalithic sites of Morbihan in Brittany, France, include a variety of impressive and ancient structures, dating back over 4,000 years. The most famous of these are the alignments of Carnac, which include more than 3,000menhirs (standing stones) arranged in perfect rows. There are also dolmens, burial mounds and cairns, which buttressnt used for religious and funerary purposes.

The Kerzerho site in Erdeven covers 2 kilometers and is the largest after Carnac. It includes several hundred Menhirs. 


Discovery of the towns of South Mobihan

Our hotel is ideally located to discover the wonders of the region, between the incredible landscapes of the Gulf of Morbihan, the seaside resorts, the many ports and  the wild coast. 136bad5cf58d_

  • Carnac: seaside resort et famous for its alignments of menhirs, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe.

  • La Trinité-sur-Mer: renowned marina and a popular vacation spot for sailing and water sports enthusiasts

  • Auray: located on the banks of the Auray river, this historic town is known for its old port called Saint Goustan and its architecture.

  • Vannes: medieval town is located on the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan and is famous for its castle and its ramparts 

  • Quiberon: seaside resort located on a peninsula, it is a popular place for holidays and for nautical activities


Discover the islands of Morbihan 

Six Morbhiannaise islands are easily accessible from the hotel la voile bleue erdeven: Belle Ile en mer, Houat, Hoedic, Groix, the island of the monks or the island of Arz 



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